Muhlbeier family farm

We're a Family Farm

We are an honest-to-goodness “Mom and Pop” family farm.

Although there are many so called "Family" operations growing apples in Washington state, many are huge multi-million dollar operations that are very difficult to distinguish from the large corporate farming companies that are taking over agriculture today.

We do not fit this mold.

Our operation is run by me, Tom, and my wife Becki. When they were younger, our two sons, Eric and Matt joined in, too. We do hire seasonal help when needed, but the bulk of the work is done by us.

Since I was raised on a small farm in Washington, it has been my desire to raise my family in the rural lifestyle that I loved as a child. This is becoming more and more difficult in the current agricultural economy for numerous reasons. Perhaps the main reason is the fact that the small farmer is being forced out of business by the necessity to “Get big or get out!”

We have chosen to stand and fight the trend. By purchasing fruit directly from us, you are helping to maintain the small farm economy that our nation was founded upon.

Buy organic fuji apples from our family farm.